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Slow Marathon 2014 - Slow Day - Mates
Slow Marathon 2014 - Video Screening for Slow Day
Slow Marathon 2014 - Resting
Slow Marathon 2014 - Sanaa Gateja during walk
Slow Marathon 2014 - Walking in a group
Slow Marathon 2014 - Far away view of walkers
Slow Marathon 2014 - Walk Jake Singing
Slow Marathon 2014 - I'm on top of the hill
Slow Marathon 2014 - Far far away walking

Slow Marathon 2014: Glenkindie - Huntly

A 26 mile walk from Glenkindie to Huntly

"The music of stones, paths of shared footmarks, sleeping by the river's roar." - Richard Long

The Slow Marathon is now an annual event in the Deveron Projects calendar. In 2014, the 26 mile route followed the historic drove roads that make out part of the Hielan' Ways.

The route took the 100 + walkers, that came from near and far, from Glenkindie past Kildrummy, Lumsden, Rhynie, the Clashindarroch forrest and over the Clashmach hill back to our base in Huntly. The route was inspired by the work of Nan Shepherd, reminding us to use our senses by feeling, looking, listening, tasting our surroundings. It saw interventions by Simone KenyonGill RussellSanaa Gateja and Claire Qualmann. Our special guest this year was Roy Young, the Head Coach of the British Nordic Ski Team.

The Slow Marathon was followed by a Slow Day at Bogancloch, the home of Jake Williams.


More images from the Slow Marathon 2014 can be found on our Facebook page and Flickr.

BBC News - Slow Marathon

Slow Marathon Information Pack 2014
Slow Marathon Map 2014
Slow Marathon Route 2014
Notes from the pathmaker
Video of the day
Photos on Flickr


Slow Marathon 2014
Slow Day
Slow Marathon Training 


Thank you Deveron Projects for a wonderful, memorable, inspiring day. The journey, the words, read and spoken, the blessings and beads, the fun and sore feet. The way, the yellow in and around and about. I loved it.

What an absolutely fantastic day. I loved every single minute of it. There was a beautiful surprise round almost every single corner and some of the views were amazing. Thanks for all your hard work.

a fantastic route, wonderful scenery, so much variety, so many shades of green and lovely company.  It was truly a privilege and I am so glad and fortunate to have done it . The last hill was a bit of a killer but we made it -  and meeting the Whisky fairy on the top was a delight.  As were all the wee stops -  coffee, cinnamon buns [wonderful], tea and cake at Coynachie [ditto] -  all much appreciated;  such a civilised and cheery way to do a marathon.

Well organised with a lovely feel to it.  Challenging but not competitive

This is the third slow marathon I have participated in; the organisation has always been fantastic and there's always a touch of quirkiness

Had great conversations with people on the way

Provided a sense of achievement, although that last hill was also an emotional experience!

It reflected the spirit, history, context and identity of the North-east

It was great...I got a lot out of interacting with people

It's well organised - but you go at your own pace. Great routes, that you'd never find on your own. Fantastic home baking!

VERY good value for money.

More information regarding the path taken from Glenkindie to Huntly can be found here. These notes, written by Claudia Zeiske, take you through the journey she and the Deveron Projects' team took when establishing a route to follow. 

Read Claudia Zeiske's blog on the Slow Marathon here.


and Coynachie Guesthouse.

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