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Deveron Projects

The Town Is The Venue
How do we use walking as an art form? How do we use walking as an art form?

Amy Fung

Huntly Review


Always focus on the front windshield and not the rear-view mirror.

Colin Powell

Can ordinary life be critically reviewed like art works?

Amy Fung is an Art Critic and writer from Edmonton in Canada. She joined us for six months in the summer of 2011.

Amy’s research interests are in identity politics and the locality of place. Amy was the visiting Arts Writing and Curating Fellow for Deveron Projects, a partnership with Peacock Visual Arts. Besides tending to numerous in-house writing tasks Amy was editing The Huntly Review, an online archive of cultural observations and commentaries.

A key question for both Amy and Deveron Projects is: can we be both critical AND publicly accessible when it comes to discussing contemporary art?


As a response to this question Amy Fung led an intensive peer-led symposium addressing the state of critical art discourse and its role in the public realm. Who Are We Writing For? was sparked by Roman Signer’s project Transmissions From the River commissioned by Deveron Projects. Amy asked us how does one talk about his seemingly simple, yet highly theorised artworks? This led on to a bigger discussion on how to write about art accessibly but still maintaining criticality.

Discussion Participants: artist Briony Anderson/London, editor and writer Alice Bain/Edinburgh, editor and writer Claire Barliant/New York, curator Lewis Biggs/London/Shanghai, critic Amy Fung/Canada, writer David Gordon/Ruthven, artist and media expert Rocca Gutteridge/Edinburgh, journalist Moira Jeffery/Glasgow, curator Michelle Kasprzak/Amsterdam, writer Susan Mansfield/Edinburgh, artist and curator Gayle Meikle/Glasgow, curator Jennifer Melville/Aberdeen, artist and curators Keh Ng and Matthew Stock (the Modern Language Experiment/London), educator and writer Neil Mulholland/Edinburgh, educator Dominic Paterson/Glasgow, writer Ine Poppe/Amsterdam, curator Nuno Sacramento/Lumsden, prose writer Maureen Ross/Huntly, journalist Pat Scott/Huntly, curator Vera Tollmann/Berlin, arts administrator Frances Williams/London, arts coordinator Sarah Yearsley/Edinburgh, artist Charlotte Young/London and curator Claudia Zeiske/Huntly.


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