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The Town Is The Venue
What have walking and food got to do with art? What have walking and food got to do with art?

Anthony Schrag

A Perfect Father Day?


Fathers are not biological necessities, but social accidents
Margaret Mead
What use is a father today?

Anthony Schrag is a Canadian artist based in Edinburgh, he stayed with us in the summer of 2011 to investigate the role of fathers in today's society.

The stereotypical family image - mother, father and two children in a detached or semi-detached house - is fast becoming a myth. This year's census is expected to confirm that a greater proportion of the UK's households now comprise single parents, adult children living with their parents, or pensioners, than 10 years ago when the last census was conducted. Huntly, our town is no exception to this. Rarely a school board meeting passes without acknowledging the fact that there are too few male role models for our young people.



The project explored the shifting dynamic of the 'family unit' as more and more parents - often fathers - live and/or work away or may be absent altogether, particularly in the North East of Scotland where many fathers work offshore or overseas: how does this change our relationship with our children?

To address this, Anthony ran several events including:

Male Role model: a rolling down the hill action

Welcome Home: an action greeting dads and other people coming back to Huntly on the commuter train from Aberdeen.

A Perfect Father Day: a day long exploration of dadness including games, prizes, a Dad-Zone (dads left at own risk), designated dads, and every dad’s favourite: barbeques and beers.

What Use is a Father?: a pub chat unpicking the purpose of patriarchy chaired by Natasha Mauthner was staged at Huntly Football Club; special guests included David Harding, our very own minister Neil McGregor and all kinds of dads and designated dads from our community and further afield.

Shadow CuratorDavid Harding



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