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David Ward

B means B

2019 – 2020

Tutto nel mondo è buria. ... Ma ride ben chi ride, La risata final.
The whole world is a jest. … But he laughs best, Who laughs last.
Arrigo Boito, libretto for Verdi’s Falstaff
A short operatic journey through the noise of Brexit.

David Ward (1941) is a composer who lives and works at a farm near Huntly. He joined the Deveron Projects team in summer 2019 to produce a chamber opera on and around the theme of Brexit and its impacts on our lives.

Brexit has global implications, but also touches the smallest facets of our everyday lives. With so much discord inherent within the Brexit debate and process, how, and indeed can we at all, get beyond the ‘noise’ of it all to reach any points of understanding?

Working with librettist Neville Rigby, David is composing an operatic piece with the preliminary working title B means B, reacting to aspects of the noise and confusion around Brexit. As a chamber opera, it is expected to be about an hour in duration, written for a small company of four singers, and six instruments. The work will examine the opposing attitudes of Brexit through the eyes of a domestic family household in Scotland. Taking this global/local parallel approach further, David plans to pair professional opera-dramatic voices with singers, both professional and amateur, from the folk music tradition of the North East of Scotland.