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Baudouin Mouanda

SAPE: Swagger


Delight in your youth
Pearl Jam
Society of Ambient People's Elegance across the world, urban and rural

Baudouin Mouanda is a photographer based in Brazzaville, the Congo, who travels all over the world to undertake his series of works. He stayed with us in winter/spring 2011.

Youth culture has a special place in fashion. Some loathe it, some love it. But is there a common denominator, something that brings the feelings of young people together in terms of what they wear and how they portray themselves? In Huntly, like in many places around Scotland and the UK, young people change their outfits on Friday and Saturday nights.


Mouanda's lens-based work documents a reality where the influence of 'external' images of wealth, cutting-edge culture and modern lifestyle create unique subcultures that appear contradictory to their locality and yet are a direct response to the globalising forces that mitigate the desires and aspirations of young people around the world. We welcomed Baudouin for a productive time which explored issues of place and identity and their effects on place-bound, unique and authentic youth subculture. For this he spent time with young people of different ages, in clubs, discos and pubs, identifying the under and over 18 divide - enforced by alcohol legislations. For his final project Baudouin created an African style pop-up studio. When people passed on their pub crawl from the Football club via the Royal Oak to the Bogie Disco, they popped in and got their photo taken. This was printed out on the spot. Mixed imagery from both Huntly and Brazzaville of young people and their styles was projected onto the granite walls of the Bogie Disco that night.

This residency was organised in partnership with Gasworks London where a solo exhibition co-produced with Deveron Projects was held in the summer of 2011.

Shadow CuratorPauline Burmann


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