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Dew Harrison

Action Paintings


An experimentation with digital media in a sporting context

Dew Harrison joined us in Huntly during 2006 while she was working as a researcher at Gray’s School of Art.

The proliferation and increasing accessibility of digital media has allowed artists and institutions to integrate new tools and methodologies into their practices. How do these new technologies and diverse media relate to the artist's and curator's concerns regarding representation, exhibition, archive and production? Where does digital media meet traditional practice in the art historical canon, and what are the effects on current practices?


In exploring her concerns in the use of new media, Dew developed three digital canvases, in collaboration with three different sporting groups in Huntly - opening the established aesthetics of sport and leisure to artistic manipulation. Through digital photomontage Dew reveals the pliability of images by digital media. The Blue (Huntly amateur swimming club), White (skiing, Huntly Nordic Development Squad), and Green (Huntly Cricket Club) canvases dynamically exhibit and combine representations of sporting activity according to the aesthetic choices of the artist and the compositional requirements of the medium. Dew also explored an interest in the aesthetics of sport, and the element of movement inherent in such activities. As a result, her unique 'canvases' represent a real engagement between the artist and subject, through handling sporting activities in a manner that deliberately captures the movement and feel of activity. As the term 'Action Painting' suggests, Dew aims to justify a representation of activity and movement, through an aesthetic criteria and medium relevant to her subject.


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