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Deveron Projects

The Town Is The Venue
What's happening right now at Deveron Projects? What's happening right now at Deveron Projects?

Dudendance Theatre

Café Bohemios


As she sings the girl sums up her magic powers
to make all the guests’ shoes and clothes move
them around the room in an alarming manner.
The feast turns into a manic dancing session.
Eventually the guests are dragged under the
banqueting table and disappear through the floor...
Combining live performance with film making looking at the fears of young people

Clea Wallis and Paul Rous' experimental physical theatre company Dudendance has built a reputation in the UK, Europe and South America for combining live performance with filmmaking. They joined us in 2002 for a six months residency and have kept Huntly as a base ever since.

The town has given Dudendance a platform in North East Scotland to develop touring productions and to run extensive summer-school programmes in filmmaking with local young people. Dudendance’s work is cross genre - suitable for theatres, galleries, dance, live-art and performance festivals and as specially commissioned site-specific events. 


While they started with a summer school here, they have since been working on numerous project both independently and with Deveron Projects in Huntly. 

Those projects include Rachel’s Red Shoes, Halloween in Huntly and Into the Wild, a performance investigating the local woods.

Dudendance Theatre 1984-2006 

Dudendance have pioneered an original voice by layering film, soundtrack, narrative and movement. The performance work defies singular interpretation creating complex theatrical environments combining humour with a foreboding desperation. Each new piece exists within an ongoing and ever evolving narrative whereby characters are created to then re-emerge in later work. The starting point remains physical and is devised from rigorous research aiming to express the unique language of each group. Dudendance work with international collaborators as well as non-professionals. 

Collaborators have included Anna Duden (writer), Jan Feddersen (composer), Fabiana Galante (composer), Carlos Lipsic (director), Tina Ehrenhaus (singer), Sandro Nunziata, Clarisa Garcia, Anna Krzystek, and Fabrik Potsdam.

Having established an international reputation for live performance through its work in Germany, Belgium, Canada, Brazil and Argentina the company is now combining theatre with film production. The company’s films have been shown at International festivals - the most recent: IMZ< Monaco Dance Screen, Clermont-Ferrand France, Mar del Plata Festival Argentina, Latin American Film Festival London and Vancouver Film-Festival, Canada.

Dudendance are researching for a feature-length film to be shot in Brazil and Argentina which will be devised through a series of live performance projects: Detour on Route to a Movie.

Dudendance - Rachel's Red Shoes from dudendance theatre on Vimeo.


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