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Andrea Geile

Energised Landscape

2016 – 2017

Energy can not be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.
Albert Einstein
An examination of energy sources, sites and consequences

Andrea Geile joined us during 2016/17 to research energy sources in the landscape, whilst developing the Slow Marathon 2017 route.

Huntly and the North East of Scotland has been a rich source for energy sites since Neolithic times. Over a 100 stone circles and other spiritual places are scattered across the Aberdeenshire landscape. The area's economy has been largely dependent on (now declining) oil fortunes since the early sixties, but today wind and solar-farms are key features on the horizon. More recently, other alternative energy sites are emerging, such as increased wood pellet production. The resulting infrastructure needs of large-scale pylon development and other visual and environmental impacts have been at the centre of the debate around our need for more and more energy.

Energised Landscape examined such places of energy, innate or man-made, real or perceived, in the area southeast of Huntly. From Neolithic sites, via hill tops, to renewables, the project tested the energy sources in the landscape and ourselves, whilst recharging our batteries along the way. Conceived to encourage specialists as well as the wider public interested in the outdoors, Energised Landscape actively engaged with Scotland’s energy future and looked to increase livability for communities. The project contributed to the ongoing debate around both energy sources and needs, as well as increasing public perception and assisting strategy and policy making whilst also spreading goodwill.



Andrea worked in collaboration with local filmmaker, Sophie Lindsey to create a short film that explores the relationship between people, energy and the landscape. Watch a short extract below:

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