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Where in the world is Huntly? Where in the world is Huntly?

Field Notes...

Thurs 22 Feb, 7 - 8pm, No.11 Gordon Street

Winds of Change

A discussion on community energy with Dr Annabel Pinker.

Annabel’s presentation will explore the social and political dimensions of energy decentralisation and the transition to renewables.  She will draw on her current research on wind energy in Scotland to ask, In what ways might local involvement with renewable energy production in Scotland become a driver for societal transformation?

Annabel is a social anthropologist,  currently working at the Hutton Institute.  Her key research interests include the relationship between social and political life and infrastructural systems. She is currently exploring the social, material, and political processes implied by moves towards energy decentralisation and the promotion of greater local participation in renewable energy production in Scotland. Her current ethnographic work follows three wind energy projects at different scales where relations between humans, wind and technology are being actively (re)negotiated in a variety of experimental ways. It looks at the emergent coalitions of power, technology, expertise and everyday life posed by these socio-technical projects, exploring what kinds of political spaces they open up, and how actors entailed in these projects. 

Part of the Field Notes on Surviving the Future series run by The Town is the Garden

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