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Where do our artists come from? Where do our artists come from?

Friday Lunch: Art and Life in Gaza

Fri 20 January, 1pm, 51 Old Road

With May Murad

As part of our programme of Skype talks from those who will never visit Deveron Projects, May Murad will be skyping in to talk to use about her artwork, predominantly drawing and painting.

May is an artist from Gaza who studied Fine Arts at Al-Aqsa University in Gaza, graduating in 2006 with a BA degree. Her concepts are inspired by her personal experience, as an artist living in Gaza facing the current situation and all that it entails: socially, economically and politically. Her belief is that Gazan artists not only express their feelings, and document their status quo, but also persistently and bravely search to reach a solution or at least find a meaning for the unrevealed mystery that they live through.

All welcome for lunch, talk and discussion.

Suggested Donation: £2

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