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Deveron Projects

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What is ARTocracy about? What is ARTocracy about?

Friday Lunch

Fridays, 1-2pm, Brander kitchen

Weekly lunch and talks

What is Friday lunch? 
The sharing of food is a great leveller. On Fridays, we invite people to speak about topics that relate to art, their travels, gardening and other walks of life. At 1pm our little team, along with artists and whoever else wants to join us, have lunch together. Normally we cook vegetarian and attempt to use local produce – from our garden when possible. Visitors make a suggested contribution of £2. All are welcome!
Upcoming Friday lunches:

Friday 12 July: Artist's Talk: From the exodus of Palestine in 1948 to the exit of Britain from the EU
with Jane Frere
Using art as a means of protest, the talk will fast forward from the work Jane undertook in Palestinian refugee camps to the present day in Britain as a nation remains stuck in an impasse blindly searching for the "exit" sign above an imaginary door to nowhere.
"Exit- 100 days of Khaos" opens at Summerhall, Edinburgh 23rd July.

Friday 19 July: Frame Contemporary Art Finland: Rehearsing Hospitalities
with Yvonne Billimore
Associate programme curator, Yvonne Billimore shares some of the ideas and guiding principles behind Rehearsing Hospitalities, Frame's new public programme for 2019-2023. The talk gives attention to the 2019 programme which addresses art and institutional potential to facilitate and mediate diverse epistemic hospitalities.

Friday 26 July: No Friday Lunch - See you at the Edinburgh Art Festival!

Friday 2 August: Art in Economically Challenged Countries: Greece

with Mikaela Zotou
Mikaela Zotou, our newest DP intern, who is completing an MLiT at the University of Aberdeen will be giving a talk on aspects of the artistic scene in countries like Greece, where they have been financially and politically challenged. How do the younger generations incorporate that when they're expressing themselves through art? She will also outline the research she carried out about Deveron Projects for her MLit course.

Friday 9 August: Being a local councillor
with Cllr John Latham
What are the everyday roles and responsibilities of a Councillor? John will speak about the challenges facing Councillors in representing their areas, alongside his commitment to local democracy and accountability.

Friday 16 August: Future Fruit
with Sarah Gittins & Jonathon Baxter
Artists in residence Sarah Gittins and Jonathan Baxter will talk about their collaborative practice, giving context to their current project in Huntly, Future Fruit. They will also discuss past projects such as Dundee Urban Orchard, a city-wide art and horticulture project supporting individuals, community groups and cultural organizations to plant and care for small-scale orchards across Dundee.

Friday 23 August: Who owns Huntly?
with John Bolland
Land ownership patterns in Scotland are uniquely concentrated and unusually obscure. These factors greatly complicate decisions as to the just use of our shared environment, especially in the context of the current Climate Emergency. The discussion will consider how historical patterns of land-ownership and tenancy effect contemporary land-use and the choices available to the community.

Friday 30 August: Artist as Farmer/Farmer as Artist
with Elisabetta Rattalino
What is it that makes farming a practice that finds place in art galleries? By looking at examples from the past six decades, Elisabetta will propose an understanding of artists’ proliferating interest in cultivating the land. Taking care of the environment in which we dwell appears a primary concern, but there also are other reasons why art practitioners have been increasingly engaging with rural contexts. The talk will try to unpack several of the issues at stake.

Friday 6 September: Grampian Arts Hospital Trust
with Sally Thomson
Sally Thomson, director of the Grampian Hospitals Art Trust will outline the value of art within the hospital community and the routes taken to enhance the wellbeing of all who spend time in the hospital.

Friday 13 September: Co-design, ecology and revitalising a design school in Rio, Brazil
with Zoy Anastassakis

Friday 20 September: A community companionship scheme for the price of a pizza
with Theresa Lee
Huntly Neighbours is a grass-roots community companionship scheme started by Theresa Lee in response to an idea posted as part of the How's Huntly? survey in 2018 towards the town's Room to Thrive strategy. Huntly Neighbours sees community volunteers have weekly phone contact with members of the community who feel isolated and in need of a good neighbourly chat - a substitute for the chat over the fence. The system works on referral from the Huntly GPs and healthworkers. The scheme has an incredibly light footprint - the cost of a phone contract that is the same price as a takeaway pizza.

Friday 27 September: The interpretive kilt: representation of identity in traditional dress
with Andrea Chappell
Designer and kiltmaker Andrea Chappell presents her interpretation of the traditional craft of kilt making, particularly in context with her exploration of the indigenous textiles of Nigeria. She uncovers symbiotic traditions within Africa and Scotland and a parallel dialogue promoting individual identity within national dress.

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