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How do we use walking as an art form? How do we use walking as an art form?

Gimme Shelter: Workshop and Symposium

Sat 23 & Sun 24 July, Mar Lodge Estate, Braemar

A weekend exploring shelter

As part of Tim Knowles' project Exploration Aids, we are organising a two day event Gimme Shelter, where we will explore one of our most basic of needs, shelter.

Through his project, Tim has been developing a network of constructed howffs, shelters and aids. These structures and aids are designed to promote access and exploration in the outdoors — without overprovision — between the market town of Huntly and Braemar, in the Cairngorm Mountains. With an interest in shelter and human resourcefulness, Tim hopes to encourage new types of relationships between the ‘explorers’ and the landscape, assisted by the artist’s constructions. 

Gimme Shelter will take place in two parts:

/ Bushcraft Workshop
Sat 23 July (start 9.30am) – Sun 24 July (11am), meet Linn of Dee Carpark

A 24-hour intensive shelter building workshop, with overnight camp. An opportunity to learn basic shelter building techniques using both tarpaulins and materials found on site. Other activities will include practicing fire by friction, basic knife safety and carving, a group meal around the campfire, and a breakfast with tidy-up on Sunday, supporting the ‘leave no trace’ ethos.

Led by Amara Woodland Croft and Bushcraft Ventures, former Ray Mears instructor with over sixteen years in survival skills training. Find the itinerary and kit list here. Please also read the terms and conditions

/ Gimme Shelter Symposium
 Sun 24 July, 12pm – 5pm (meet Linn of Dee carpark at 11.30am)

A  symposium on the history and culture of  shelters and temporary dwellings in the Scottish landscape. Hosted in a temporary ‘off-grid’ structure, designed and constructed by Tim Knowles. The symposium will also seek to address some of the issues raised through Tim’s project, on things such as land-use, management and access, rewilding and our relationship to the landscape/nature.

Joining us will be Karen Grant from Reforesting Scotland's A Thousand Huts Campaign, Rachel Hunt who is writing a PhD exploring the practice, heritage and culture of ‘out-dwellings’ in rural Scotland at  Glasgow University, and landscape archaeologist Colin Shepherd. With food by the Rhynie Woman.

Early Bird Bushcraft Workshop + Symposium £35 / Early Bird Bushcraft Workshop + Symposium Family Ticket (two adults and two under 18) £45
Bushcraft Workshop + Symposium £45 / Bushcraft Workshop + Symposium Family Ticket £55 / Additional under 18s & Students £10

Gimme Shelter Symposium only £5

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