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Halloween in Huntly, 26th - 28th October

This year's festival is 26th - 28th October

Huntly turns spooky with its Hallowe'en celebrations

Artists Allysson Velez and Simon Preston get into the spirit of the Hallowe'en festival with their events at the weekend.

Come and find out about Carnival traditions in Brazil with Allysson Velez in the Crown Bar on Friday at 7pm, the night before the Hallowe'en in Huntly Lantern Parade, which will include contributions from Allysson Velez and his Samba Band.

Working with students from the Edinburgh College of Art, Simon is getting into the spooky spirit with 'Death Row Dinners' - what would you choose for your last meal? Come along to the Castle 6.00-6.30pm on Saturday October 27th, enjoy a free sample of a Huntly Signature Menu dish-in-progress and sit for your Last Supper Portrait. Simon will also be working with artist Darren Farquhar on a performance piece at the castle that will preceed the parade.

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