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The Incredible Heap

Sat 22 July, 10am - 4pm

A day of workshops and activities all about compost

We think compost is pretty important stuff. So join us for a day to celebrate the incredible compost heap.

In the morning we will be at the Brander Garden (round the back of the library) where you can help us build a traditional compost bay, see what goes in it and ask us any composting questions (or other gardening ones for that matter). We will be testing pH soil values as well. And our Town is the Garden print shop will be open too — so come explore our book collection and make free copies!

In the afternoon we will take a walk down to the Glamourhaugh allotments to try out making natural fertisers from comfrey and nettles. Then make a giant hot compost heap, so bring down your lawn clippings and other garden waste to contribute. Workshop times below:

The Brander Garden
10am Compost building workshop 
1pm Lunch
2pm Walk to collect natural fertilser materials

The Allotments
2.30pm Natural fertiliser workshop
3pm Hot compost workshop

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