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From Little or Nothing

Sat 14 April, 10am - 2pm, No.11 Gordon Street

A mushroom growing workshop

Little or nothing.
So many of us!
So many of us!

– excerpt from Sylvia Plath's Mushrooms

According to Paul Stamets mushrooms may just turn out to be key species in both understanding how to restore our planet and our own health. They are important companion species and recyclers extraordinaire, many of us know about the vital role they play in composting organic matter in forests but what about mycelium being trained to break down toxic waste? But for now let us focus on another of their benefits, as source of nourishment.

 Ann Miller, who has been growing mushrooms for years, will show us how to grow mushrooms utilising waste products such as coffee grounds, as well as on logs and straw. This will be followed by a mushroom themed lunch (of course).

Fully Booked (sorry we have very limited places). £3 

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