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Summer Academy of Fine Arts, Salzburg Global Academy II Conference

Sat 11 Aug - Sun 12 Aug

Artists Rachel Ashton and May Murad present on Walking Without Walls

Rachel Ashton, Huntly, and May Murad, Gaza, will be discussing their digital collaboration, Walking Without Walls and it's progression since they began in Spring of last year. Walking Without Walls explores the ideas of friendship, connection, and borders through a digital dialogue. The partnership explored how we can collaborate artistically and socially despite restrictive political situations. The two artists shared through image and video, Skype and Whatsapp, sketches and text their respective landscapes in their very different geo-political settings. While Rachel negotiated her way with landowners and farmers, May dealt with the complexities of living in an occupied territory. Drawing on the plant journals of WW1 pacifist Rosa Luxemburg – created whilst imprisoned - the artists recorded and shared plants with curing powers in their different climates, while looking for new paths, friendship and ways of healing along the way.

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