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The Town Is The Venue
What is Friday Lunch? What is Friday Lunch?


How Humans Adapt


There's no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.
Alfred Wainwright
Performance for Edinburgh Art Festival

GÆG: Global Aesthetic Genetics joined Deveron Projects as part of the Walking Institute’s events at the Edinburgh Art Festival, 2016. Formed by Munich based artists Thomas Huber and Wolfgang Aichner, they created a performance walk from Summerhall to the Pentland Hills.

A walk is usually a private activity. It can take place with or without companions, as a pastime, as exercise or even as a protest. However, when a walk is staged or performed, using unconventional movements, dress, sounds and props it produces a very different experience, for both participants and onlookers. We often seek to rationalise the absurd by trying to define it. Is it a sponsored walk? A protest? Or could this be art?


Thomas and Wolfgang brought these questions into the everyday by walking through the streets of Edinburgh and out onto the hills wearing wetsuits and carrying umbrellas with holes. Their appearance in the city and the landscape conjured up different questions and provoked a range of reactions, from casual conversations and passing comments to police questioning and dog sniffing. The artists remained ambiguous to their actions attributing one to the other with absurd dialogue: Why are you wearing wetsuits? Because our umbrellas have holes. Why do your umbrellas have holes? Because we wear wetsuits.

GÆG also joined Anthony Schrag and Clemens Wilhelm in the panel discussion Walking to Venice, in which each artist discussed their different experiences of walking to the Biennale.

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