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Anne Murray / Jake Williams

With and against the Flow


scene shifting, word walking, fennel seeking, riversiding, waspish investigations ...
'Deveronsiding' by Haworth Hodgkinson
Mapping the River Deveron from two directions, with and against the flow

Anne Murray, a craft artist, and Jake Williams, a local musician, worked with us during spring 2013 on a mapping project.

The River Deveron flows through Huntly, connecting us with the hills of the Cabrach and the Grampain range, and the sea.  The 60 mile length river is known for its excellent salmon, sea trout and brown trout fishing. It has of course also provided us with a name, and many hours of interesting walks along its banks. But we have never walked its full length...


With and Against the Flow was a mapping project that interpreted walking along the river Deveron against and with the flow from the Cabrach in the foothills of the Cairngorms to the Moray Coast between Banff and Macduff. Inspired by history, music, landscape and people who have lived or worked on the river, musician Jake Williams and craft artist Anne Murray used the walking experience to create new work and engage with the communities they met along the way.

With the Flow, musician Jake Williams walked from the river source at the watershed between Glenbuchat and the Cabrach. The song-walk featured a series of pub-gigs where he sang old Deveron related songs and showed images of the walk; where possible recording music on location. Williams invited people who are in the know of ballads and songs of the area to join his walk. About a dozen traditional songs and Scottish Dance tunes that have their location in the Deveron Valley like 'The Burn of Gauch' or 'Roy's wife of Aldivalloch' have been gathered. From the journey Williams produced digital sound recordings of the songs that belong to the Deveron Valley, recorded on location, as well as a small song book now available from our shop.

Against the Flow, Anne Murray, a local ceramic artist, was travelling the river on foot  from the sea via Turriff, Rothiemay, Huntly, Glass to the Cabrach. Murray is a peripatetic artisan, carrying with her everything she needs to observe, record and make things on her way. The route was walked slowly in very small sections, mapped, illustrated and researched. She gathered found objects, collected soil samples and captured images on the way as well as producing small crafted objects while out walking. Small natural objects are left in the landscape for other walkers to find, remove and relocate into another landscape.  Murray tried to find out as much as she could about the route. On the way she gathered images and information about the Deveron route, its stories, architecture, geology and environmental aspects, welcoming a raft of people to join the walk. Anne produced a wonderfully colourful map with many, many details featuring natural, built and oral history and contemporary life minutiae.

The artists' work helped Deveron Projects to map a walk along the length of the river, connecting with routes already established for others to walk. The selection of songs is now produced as a musical companion for walkers, alongside Anne's colourful map.

To find out more information about the project join the Facebook group River Deveron.


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