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Gabriele Konsor / Andrea Chappell


2018 – 2020

Gegen den Wind beweist sich die Freundschaft // Against the wind proves the friendship.
German Proverb
Sharing our cultural heritage through pattern exchange

What do traditional fabric patterns tell us about ourselves?  What can we learn through the exchange of these heritage materials and designs with different cultures?  How closely are socio-political patterns in either culture linked?  How do we develop new common patterns for the future?

German artist Gabriele Konsor is the founder of Landmade; an interdisciplinary cultural platform that links regional conditions with current social issues in her village of Strodehne in rural Havelland/Brandenburg.  Through Partnerlook!, Gabriele will bring the core principles of her Strodisign project to Huntly, establishing a long-term creative partnership between Landmade and Deveron Projects.

In her luggage Gabriele has a piece of cloth from her Brandenburg village: a strikingly patterned curtain from the former community hall. This fabric and its patterns have a unique and distinctive place within the East-German cultural memory.  Konsor plans to bring this evocative material from her village's heritage into contact with the local clothing traditions, fabrics and patterns of Scotland and Huntly.

As part of this multi-year process with the two communities, Brandenburg and Huntly, there will be multiple events and interventions to connect individuals and groups from both locations.  There will be collaboration with artist Andrea Chappell, who is based in the North-East of Scotland - a creative kilt maker, who uses a diverse range of fabrics in her remodelling of the traditional kilt.  In Germany, there will be a 90k pilgrimage curated by Claudia Zeiske from Strodehne to the Fashion Museum in Meyenburg.  The project hopes to make connections through design, walking, dancing and other creative forms of celebration to develop new and sustainable patterns of collaboration.