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Where do our artists come from? Where do our artists come from?

Lauren Campbell

People's Act: Room to React


'We must all learn to differentiate and separate fact from fiction.' Maximilian Klenke, Shout Out UK
Exploring themes of democracy, politics and media amongst the next generation of voices in Huntly

Until April, Lauren Campbell is working with the next generation of voices in Huntly. People's Act: Room to React questions whether young people in Huntly have a say in what happens around them.

Whose voices are heard? How can we ensure we are responsibly consuming, distributing and creating news and information? How can we develop engaging methods of communication with and for young people? The project builds on previous research from Young Intern, Clyde Williamson's summer 2018 project, Meals and Movies exploring themes of democracy amongst young people.

Working with individuals, groups and school classes, People's Act questions our news and information sources, and looks at both contemporary and historical methods of communication with the next generation of voices in Huntly. Ideas of democracy and the media have been investigated specifically through political discussion, print making, badge production, zine making, satirical content, script writing and poetry, offering the next generation of voices in Huntly a democratic platform to speak about local and national political issues.

During the long weekend beginning 29th March, the next generation of voices in Huntly will take over 8 Castle Street for the Room to React exhibition  with a collection of youth created content & showing Huntly an alternative perspective on what surrounds them. Themes explored include Brexit, relationships with Europe, the media and headlines, memes, escapism, Huntly, environmental issues.

Building on Clyde Williamson's concept the 'Crap Tour,' student led creative tours of Huntly will take place during the April Farmer's market.