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The Town Is The Venue
What is Friday Lunch? What is Friday Lunch?

Rocca Gutteridge


2011 – 2012

I walk, therefore I am.
Pierre Gassendi
Working towards an Institute of Walking Appreciation through an online archive

Rocca Gutteridge - originally from London - has a lot of interest in art and walking. She stayed with us for two months over the summer of 2011 to produce the walkingand... website.

Following on from Hamish Fulton's project,'21 Days in the Cairngorms' Rocca was commissioned to build a new website exploring the many facets of walking - Walkingand…. Art, Politics, Parades, Love, Literature... you name it, she has covered it. Walkingand... is an ongoing investigation. If you have a passion/interest/or idea for walking let us know.


Rocca also collaborated with Deveron Projects in our Walkachats project and the UK Border Walk, all investigating the threshold between art and walking as a political, cultural and fitness tool. 


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