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The Walking Institute
What's happening right now at Deveron Projects? What's happening right now at Deveron Projects?
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Walking Project
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The Walking Institute

A peripatetic school for the human pace

The Walking Institute explores, researches and celebrates the human pace by bringing walking and other journeying activities together with arts and other cultural disciplines and people from all walks of life.

Research & Mapping: to research and map the concepts, philosophies and notions surrounding walking and linking them to the walking & art discourse.

Activities & Path-Makingto identify and develop walking activities and new paths & trails which connect to the broadening networks and dialogues across the globe.

We address those key aims through questions in relation to health & social cohesionenvironment & ecology and tourism & economic regeneration in Huntly and further afield through art and related disciplines, such as geography, anthropology, cooking, architecture or history.

Current Projects

Kittelfrauen March - a three day cross-country walk from Strodehne to Meyenburg led by curator Claudia Zeiske as part of the Partnerlook! project (3 - 5 October 2019). 

Home to Home - Deveron Projects' Founder/Director, Claudia Zeiske, spent 3 months (July-October 2017) walking from Huntly to her mother's house near Munich in a secular pilgrimage looking into the meaning of home. 

Exploration Aids - artist Tim Knowles addressed the hurdles of access and land use, and provided ideas and solutions for overcoming these through the development of a loose network of  Howffs incorporated into the varied landscapes of walking routes in the North-East of Scotland.  His recently published book 'The Howff Project' is now up for sale on our online shop!


Since 2006 Deveron Arts has developed projects that bring walking, art, artists and other people together. In 2010 we commissioned 21 Days in the Cairngorms a project with Hamish Fulton, which formed a starting point of discussion about the many different forms and interests in the act of walking. Since then Deveron Arts has a keen interest in the concept and activity of walking and the human pace and commissioned a series of walking related projects. An overview of past walking projects can be found here.

Thanks to funding from Leader EU and the Creative Place award we won in 2013, we kick started the programme with a path-making project From Source to Sea, following the River Deveron and the second Slow Marathon in April  2013 with walking action and discussion around John Muir day. To follow, in summer 2013, we were collaborating with Stuart McAdam on his project Lines Lost, discovering the former railway links from Portsoy on the Moray Coast to the Aberdeenshire heartland.

In 2013 - 2014 we also worked with a number of artists including Alec Finlay, Gill Russell, Paul Anderson and Simone Kenyon on the Hielan' Ways project, rediscovering the trading routes connecting the Aberdeenshire heartland with the Cairngorm Highlands.

In 2015 - 2016, we worked with artist Tim Knowles on his project Exploration Aids, which looked to establish a network of temporary shelters (Howffs) incorporated into the varied landscapes on walking routes in the North East of Scotland.

Currently, as part of the Partnerlook! project, we are preparing for the Kittelfrauen March in October 2019.  Led by curator Claudia Zeiske, the cross-country walk will begin in Strodehne and end in Meyenburg with each of the three days encompassing a socio-political theme relevant to rural life in Europe today. 

Whilst core development will happen in Huntly, the programme is to spiral out geographically from this centre of both action and research to include satellite events and collaborations elsewhere. This will emerge through the development of relationships with artists and other partners working with both, rural and urban as well as local and global contexts, engaging critically with the walking & art discourse within an international perspective.

We want to know about all walking activity. This information will be added to our Walkingand page, where we are collecting the many facets of walking - Art, Politics, Parades, Love, Literature

Email: with your information

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Creative Scotland Aberdeenshire Council The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development Leader The Scottish Government Creative Place Award Winner 2013 Huntly