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The Walking Institute
What is ARTocracy about? What is ARTocracy about?

Walking And...

Interesting things we've found about walking

Haworth Hodgkinson

I went away thinking about walking in poetry and music, and came to the conclusion that I have never written much about walking as it is so fundamental to the creative process. I do however have one poem, "Deveronsiding", that is a specific recreation of a walk alongside the River Deveron in Huntly

scene shifting
word walking
fennel seeking
waspish investigations

tour staking
stem counting
branch breaking
stick making
consolidating pathways

stone casting
still rippling
rock marking
flow streaming
mapping turbulence

sun lifting
nettle bedding
leaf inhaling
fly hopping
catching broken cloud

frond climbing
elder pruning
rust flaking
mud hardening
urban rural fringe