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Stuart McAdam -Lines Lost

Stuart's Lines Lost project was triggered by the infamous railway cuts which saw train tracks closed as a result of Dr. Richard Beeching's recommendations 50 years ago. Through a series of performative walks with all kind of people along the former Portsoy to Huntly route, McAdam aims to bring into focus the historic and contemporary concerns surrounding our transport legacy.

Through walking the former track again and again, people will see him reawaken the route that has been subsumed into the landscape - like remains of ghostly traces of the line that once linked communities. Linking natural with industrial and social history of the past 50 years he will interrogate the historical, cultural and contemporary resonances through a series of documented walks.

 "Physical and transparent remnants of most of the lines still exist within the landscape and I hope to reawaken them the public consciousness", says McAdam, who has explored journeys, boundaries and slow travel in a range of artworks.

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