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The Town Is The Venue
What's happening right now at Deveron Projects? What's happening right now at Deveron Projects?
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The Town Is The Venue Town Collection

Elsebeth Jørgensen

Cinemagic Tour, 2006

Stewart’s Hall, 15/17 Gordon St

LCD screen, digital photographs

Copenhagen-based artist Elsebeth Jørgensen’s extensive research into Huntly’s former Playhouse cinema led her to engage in interviews and discussions with former workers and visitors as a means of collecting the living memories connected with the site.

Opened in 1932, the picture house closed in the mid-1960s and has since been demolished. The photograph and video piece on display present some of the archival material Elsebeth collected, preserving the memories and stories of this once vibrant community asset.


Find this artwork at Stewart's Hall: