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The Town Is The Venue
What is ARTocracy about? What is ARTocracy about?
Roman Signer - Video
Roman Signer - Camera
Roman Signer - Artists talk
Roman Signer - Film screening
Roman Signer - Presents his work
Roman Signer - Watching the River Bogie
Roman Signer - Presents previous work
Roman Signer - View of camera in Bogie

The Town Is The Venue Town Collection

Roman Signer

Transmissions from the River, 2011

River Bogie, Not on public display
Access to this item may be restricted, contact us for details.

Wooden structure

Roman fixed a camera on to a wooden cross-like structure which was strung from the local bridge and floated out into the river. The camera, recording the movements of the river, transmitted the images back into the Empty Shop, Bogie Street.

This work was developed from an early memory of the artist, who lived next to a river as a boy. Poetically it seems fitting that the structure came apart shortly after the transmission. The remnants of the work now reside in the river and/or further waters, rather much like a memory it exists in a particular moment of time.

Find this artwork at River Bogie. Access to this item may be restricted, contact us for details.: