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The Town Is The Venue
Have you visited the Town Collection? Have you visited the Town Collection?
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The Town Is The Venue Town Collection

The Utopia Group

Palace of Puzzles, 2009

Huntly Police Station, Castle Street

Charcoal on paper

The Utopia Group (He Hai and Deng Dafei) researched the legacy of James Legge, a Huntly missionary who went to the Far East and a prominent scholar of China and translator of such classics as Confucius and the I Ching. The group responded to this heritage by producing a large scale drawing depicting Legge's life. The drawing was made up of twenty-four individual pieces that were distributed through a town-wide treasure hunt.


One of these locations was the Police Station, a location which serves as a poignant venue for the work as the artists come from a country where ­­authority still has a major impact on cultural life.


Find this artwork at Huntly Police Station: