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Rocca Gutteridge



I walk, therefore I am.
Pierre Gassendi
Walking and talking opportunities for artists from across Scotland in remote hill locations

Walkachat was a pan-Scottish hillwalking collaboration in 2011 between Deveron Projects and Rocca Gutteridge who runs Artachat. Every two months or so we went somewhere into the Scottish landscape to chat about art and other parts of life during day-long walks. All who feel/felt fit enough and were in need of a bit of fresh Scottish air were welcome to attend.

For more information on the future of walkachat, or if you would like to organise one yourself please contact:

  • North: Claudia 01466 794494,
  • South: Rocca 07944773066,


What to bring when going hill walking:

Essential • Good waterproof rucksack • comfortable clothes (no jeans please), gaters, waterproof trousers and anorak • Gloves and Hat ( x 2 in winter) • Good Walking Boots (don't cut corners here please!) • Mobile phone • Sandwiches • Water bottle/Flask with tea/soup • Toilet paper • Map

Optional / if possible • Compass • Whistle • Change of clothes (socks) • Binoculars • Survival bag/silver and orange • Head torch • Sunglasses/sun cream/midge cream • Pencil • Camera • Stopwatch • Walking sticks • GPS/spare batteries • Pen knife In winter: crampons, ice axe, walking poles, snow shoes (if deep snow)


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