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Where in the world is Huntly? Where in the world is Huntly?

Various Artists

The White Wood

2016 – 2018

Even as we look to the past in commemoration, creating a monument and a symbol that gestures towards times, lives and events that have gone on before, it is to the future that this wood speaks.
Alan Macpherson
A living monument to peace

The White Wood is a living monument to peace, which will develop over three hundred years. As a site of reflection, it was created by the community of Huntly and artist Caroline Wendling, with oaks from Germany, stones from France and Scottish soil. Along with forty nine oaks, grown from acorns from Joseph Beuys' 7000 Oaks in Kassel, the wood is made up of one thousand seven hundred native trees, shrubs and wild flowers, all of which displays an element of white, the colour of peace.

While it was conceived in response to the centenary of the start of WW1 and symbolically represents peace between nations, the ideas surrounding the wood will continue to grow with the trees. As the oaks take three hundred years to grow, three hundred years to mature and three hundred years to die, the legacy of the wood greatly surpasses us individuals and any future we can imagine.

To pass on this story we are engaging artist, from all disciplines, and the local community to develop the wood as a space for activities, inspiration and contemplation. 


Caroline's Oaks & Amity project began back in 2014 and led to the planting of the wood in March 2015. Since then the wood has been utilised by the community and artists through organised walks, talks, cycles and as a site for inspiration.

The White Wood Story

Storyteller Ben Macfadyen joined us in winter 2015/16 to build on the legacy of the White Wood. He responded to the lifespan of the trees and stories from the community to create the White Wood Story, which aims to pass on the concept of the wood through the generations to 300 years in the future, when the oaks are fully grown. 

White Wood Forum

Just over a year after the planting we explored the ideas behind the White Wood, from art to sustainability, and Joseph Beuys and beyond. The forum brought together  artists, activists, anthropologists and other thinkers to exchange views on peace, ecology and culture, and to challenge the meaning of sustainability. Speakers included: Deirdre Heddon, Tim Ingold, Satish Kumar, Richard Demarco and many more.

White Wood Gala

A festival of music, food, walks, talks, performances and other activities to celebrate the official opening of the White Wood. Led by Alex Salmond MP, ambassadors, public figures and members of the community placed 49 peace flags next to each oak sapling. With performances by Ben Macfadyen, Omar Afif, Caroline Wendling, Aminder Virdee and talks from Satish Kumar, Steve Brown, Neil Taylor, Nick May and many more.


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